If you are serious about selling services, you face some interesting challenges. Our experience shows that:
  • On average it takes three years of pain to get your sales team on board the services express. You heard us…three years.
  • Your product centric culture will fight any and all changes like a mad dog cornered in an alley. Cultural change is your prime mandate.
  • Your frontline service and support personnel will be the first to embrace the change if you position it the correct way. They already have the customer’s trust.
Is Alexander Consulting right for you? Here are five ways to test the waters:
1. Books


Cheap and Easy
For less than the price of a gourmet pizza you can tap into our best thinking on successfully building brilliant services within a product company.
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Seriously Selling Services
Finding new, profitable streams of revenue is one of the prime objectives of almost every executive on the planet. But the choices are few, the challenges big, and the results often mixed. Savvy business leaders in all kinds of industries are discovering that selling services cannot only deliver new, profitable growth, but can simultaneously sell more products. Is it simple? No. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely!

Alexander provides the strategic cookbook to make the transformation stew.

The Brilliant Service Professional
Senior managers from all types of businesses across all industries are discovering that one role takes the spotlight in deepening relationships with key customers. Whatever title individuals in that position are given—field service technician, support engineer, implementation consultant, customer success manager, services account manager, resident engineer, technical account manager—no one has more potential impact on the success of the company and its customers than the service one. High-performing service pros are where the action is, orchestrating superb customer experiences, proactively preventing problems before they occur, and leveraging their relationships to rock out customers and lock out the competition. They deliver the results customers crave and executives yearn for, while building brand and having fun.

Designed for anyone in service who touches the customer, The Brilliant Service Professional uncovers the competencies, tools, and behaviors that enable service pros in any industry to shine as the new corporate rock star.


Visit Amazon to purchase your hard copy or e-book:
Seriously Selling Services
The Brilliant Service Professional

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Alexander has paid his dues in the product-to-services transformation club. He draws on years of real-world experience with leading companies to show product companies how to grow with services. Seriously Selling Services provides an unmatched, practical road map for senior executives who are ready to execute a serious services strategy.”

R. Gary Bridge
Senior Vice President and Global Lead,
Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Alexander has a knack for taking mind-bending and snore-worthy topics and turning them into a magnetic read. Readers of The Brilliant Service Professional who take his advice will become service pro rock stars. They’ll boost their relationships, build a dynamite personal brand, gain job security, roll in the dough, and have a blast doing it all.”

Meryl K. Evans
Senior Editor

2. In-House Presentation


Short and Sweet
An executive briefing is a great way to kickstart your services initiative by understanding the plusses and minuses of strategic services choices and learning how to minimize risk.

A keynote speech is a powerful tool to get your message across and speed commitment and motivation to your services strategy.
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Possible Topics

  • Building a Brilliant Service Organization. Inspire your organization by learning what it takes to build, lead, and implement brilliant services within a product company. Learn the how and why to move from product-centric to services-led solutions.
  • Transitioning from Free to Fee. Tired of giving away or deeply discounting services? Learn the five strategies for making this transition and the one strategy that works!
  • Seriously Selling Services. Selling services is different from selling products…way different. Find out the secrets of turning your box pushers into sellers of the invisible.
  • Strategic Customer Success: The Lost Opportunity. Are you really getting the full value out of your customer success initiative? Consider viewing customer success as a strategy, not a tactic.

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How It Works

To ensure the highest quality, most appropriate discussion, Alex will review all relevant documents you provide plus conduct personal telephone interviews with key attendees prior to the executive briefing to better understand issues, goals, and ideas related to service. In addition, he will provide a summary of key thoughts, insights, and recommendations after the session.

This is a great way to kickstart services.
3. Health Check


Quantify and Verify
Find out how ready your organization is for Brilliant Service.

(To be used in addition to the half-day executive briefing or by itself.)

If you are considering making significant changes to your approach to services, a Readiness Review is the way to go. If you have a mature services organization, a Best Practice Analysis can help take you to the next level of performance.


Readiness Review
Are you ready to change? What are your chances of success? What are the problems you must solve and the opportunities you must leverage?

At the core, a readiness review includes interviewing a sampling of key internal players (executive, service leadership, service professionals, sales management, and sellers) to learn their issues, concerns, and ideas around growing services. Normally, a combination of individual interviews and focus groups are used, over the phone or in person.

Alexander Consulting analyzes the data and develops a report outlining strengths, weaknesses, reactions, opportunities, options, and recommended next steps. This information can be presented face-to-face in a two- to four-hour interactive session, or in a two-hour conference call.

Best Practice Analysis
Want to learn how you stack up? Learn what it will take to become world class.
4. Train Your Frontline People


Significant organization change requires significant change in the attitudes and behaviors of your people—especially your customer-facing teams.


Give your frontline personnel the proactive mindset, needed knowledge, core skills, and performance tools to think and act brilliantly. All frontline sessions are research based, field proven, highly interactive, and tailored to your objectives. Average student feedback is 4.74 out of 5.0. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Training Delivery Options

Private Face-to-Face Workshops. Most of our workshops are two-days, some are three-days, but sometimes more and sometimes less depending upon client requests. Of course the training takes place at the location of your choice. For soft skills training we provide, face-to-face is the best—no doubt about it. You can’t beat the real-time interaction of your team.


Blended Learning Courses. Sometimes budgets and the challenges of travel make face-to-face training difficult or just not doable. Therefore, all of our training is also available online. Using a live webinar format, an interactive community augmented with tools and materials, most courses are completed within three weeks.

All Our Training Is Specific

Select the team you are interested in training from the list below:
5. Executive Coaching


Even the very best can benefit from some expert feedback when doing something new. Speed and smooth your journey with executive coaching.
Complimentary Resources


Below are articles of particular interest to executives in product companies who are committed to building brilliant services within their organization.


Building Brilliant Service Businesses Series

This series of videos hits on the critical issues relevant to building brilliant service in a product company. More topics will be added on an irregular basis. If you want to know when, sign up for our (you guessed it) complimentary monthly e-newsletter, Alexander Insights.

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With over 20 years focused on building brilliant service within product companies we know what works and what doesn’t. In fact, we guarantee all our work…if you are not totally satisfied, just pay what you feel our efforts are worth.

Avoid the failure pain, and enhance your success gain.
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