The elevation of the importance of services to buyers requires that your product sellers push services to pull your products. This can be like teaching linebackers ballet. This Is your sales team up to the task?

Time to turn your box pushers into sellers of the invisible.
1. Train Your Product Sellers


Transforming your product specialists into solutions consultants will have a huge impact on your sales performance, but it requires significant change in the attitudes and behaviors.

Bring Alex into your organization to teach a two-day training session on becoming a Brilliant Solutions Consultant.
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This workshop is built upon decades of experience observing, training, coaching, and consulting top sales performers. The content is a research-based and field-proven, guide to helping transform your product sellers into services and solutions consultants.

Here's a brief outline of the topics covered:

Unit One: Why Sell Services Anyway
Unit Two: The Challenges of Selling the Invisible
Unit Three: Everyone Sells Services
Unit Four: Compressing Sales Cycle Time
Unit Five: It’s All About Trust
Unit Six: The Ten Persuasion Steps
Unit Seven: Account Management Tools for Success
Unit Eight: Applying What’s Been Learned

Blended Learning Option: Sometimes budgets and the challenges of travel make face-to-face training difficult or just not doable. Therefore, all of our training is also available online. Using a live webinar format, and an interactive community augmented with tools and materials, most courses are completed within three weeks. Click her for more info.


"Alexander Consulting taught our product sellers how to sell the invisible…excellent investment in time and money."

Mike Haney, CEO
Athens Group

"As always, high quality, tailored to our selling issues, and easily applied. Great sales training."

Bruce Cohen, Executive Vice President
Irwin Seating

"People left the sales training session confident, competent, and eager to apply what they learned. This ROI was in weeks!"

West Long, VP Sales

2. In-House Presentation


Short and Sweet
Kickstart your sales initiative. Bring Alex in for an executive briefing, keynote speech, health check, readiness review, or best practice analysis.

Discover what it will take to become world class.


Executive Briefing
An executive briefing is a great way to kickstart your initiative to transform your sales team from product specialists to solutions consultants by understanding the plusses and minuses and learning how to minimize risk.

Keynote Speech
A keynote speech is a powerful tool to get your message out to your entire organization and speed commitment and motivation to your services and solutions selling strategy.

Want to learn more? Contact Alex for a complimentary expert discussion.
3. Health Check


Quantify and Verify
Find out how ready your organization is for Brilliant Service.

(To be used in addition to the half-day executive briefing or by itself.)

If you are considering making significant changes to your approach to services, a Readiness Review is the way to go. If you have a mature services organization, a Best Practice Analysis can help take you to the next level of performance.


Readiness Review
Are you ready to change? What are your chances of success? What are the problems you must solve and the opportunities you must leverage?

At the core, a readiness review includes interviewing a sampling of key internal players (executive, service leadership, service professionals, sales management, and sellers) to learn their issues, concerns, and ideas around growing services. Normally, a combination of individual interviews and focus groups are used, over the phone or in person.

Alexander Consulting analyzes the data and develops a report outlining strengths, weaknesses, reactions, opportunities, options, and recommended next steps. This information can be presented face-to-face in a two- to four-hour interactive session, or in a two-hour conference call.

Best Practice Analysis
Want to learn how you stack up? Learn what it will take to become world class.
4. Coaching


Even the very best can benefit from some expert feedback when doing something new. Would you like some personal feedback? Do you have some high-potential folks whose performance you'd like to accelerate? Speed and smooth the journey with expert coaching.

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5. Book


Cheap and Easy
For less than the price of a gourmet pizza you can tap into our best thinking on successfully building brilliant services within a product company.
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Seriously Selling Services
Finding new, profitable streams of revenue is one of the prime objectives of almost every executive on the planet. But the choices are few, the challenges big, and the results often mixed. Savvy business leaders in all kinds of industries are discovering that selling services cannot only deliver new, profitable growth, but can simultaneously sell more products. Is it simple? No. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely!

Alexander provides the strategic cookbook to make the transformation stew.


Visit Amazon to purchase your hard copy or e-book.

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Alexander has paid his dues in the product-to-services transformation club. He draws on years of real-world experience with leading companies to show product companies how to grow with services. Seriously Selling Services provides an unmatched, practical road map for senior executives who are ready to execute a serious services strategy.”

R. Gary Bridge
Senior Vice President and Global Lead,
Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Complimentary Resources


Below are articles of particular interest to service leaders in product companies who are committed to building brilliant services within their organization.


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This series of videos are for service leaders within product companies who are committed to building an outstanding service business. More videos will be added on an irregular basis. If you want to know when, sign up for our (you guessed it) complimentary monthly e-newsletter, Alexander Insights.

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With over 20 years focused on building brilliant field services within product companies we know what works and what doesn’t. In fact, we guarantee all our work…if you are not totally satisfied, just pay what you feel our efforts are worth.

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