Brilliant Customer Success
Managing the Customer Experience for Profitable Growth and Brand Dominance
by James "Alex" Alexander

Customer success is an organization philosophy and strategy that, properly implemented, will build customer loyalty, drive profitable revenue, and create brand dominance. Brilliant Customer Success defines a performance model and outlines the customer success journey that is applicable to almost any organization whether traditional or cloud, large or small, profit or non-profit, in any industry or any geography. This research-based, experience-proven book is a clear, practical, and insightful guide for anyone serious about customer success.

Brilliant Customer Success:
  • Defines customer success and related terms in meaningful, actionable ways.
  • Provides a robust customer success model flexible enough to apply in most organizations.
  • Outlines the requirements and core, best, and brilliant practices for delivering customer success.
  • Predicts the potholes on the path to performance and points out how to prevent them.
  • Elaborates the changes organization leaders must implement to move from customer success “happy talk” to purposeful action.
  • Explains the important customer success similarities and differences between the traditional on-site license model and the recurring revenue model.
  • Describes the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets required of the personnel tasked with delivering customer success…whatever their title.
  • Shares the key actions that will speed and smooth the customer success journey.
“Customer success is highly cited but not wholly understood as a mindset, a leadership path, and an operational guide to growth. This engaging book guides you to that critical path for success!”

— Jeanne Bliss, Co-Founder, Customer Experience Professionals Association and
Author of
Chief Customer Officer 2.0

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The Brilliant Service Professional
Building Trust, Creating Value, Having Fun
by James "Alex" Alexander

Senior managers from all types of businesses across all industries are discovering that one role takes the spotlight in deepening relationships with key customers. Whatever title individuals in that position are given—field service technician, support engineer, implementation consultant, services account manager, resident engineer, technical account manager—no one has more potential impact on the success of the company and its customers than the service one. High-performing service pros are where the action is, orchestrating superb customer experiences, proactively preventing problems before they occur, and leveraging their relationships to rock out customers and lock out the competition. They deliver the results customers crave and executives yearn for, while building brand and having fun.

Designed for anyone in service who touches the customer, The Brilliant Service Professional uncovers the competencies, tools, and behaviors that enable service pros in any industry to shine as the new corporate rock star.
The Brilliant Service Professional is a fantastic road map to success. Whether a seasoned executive or just cutting your professional teeth, the Brilliant Practices and Shining Examples reinforce our foundation and motivate us to be the best. Alex Alexander is Tom Hopkins, Harvey Mackay, and Malcolm Gladwell all wrapped into one. In our new service economy, BSP will help advance our position in the world market. If you have customers, you need to read this book!”

— Chris Zane, Founder and President
Zane’s Cycles, and Author of
Reinventing the Wheel: The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers

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Seriously Selling Services
How to Build a Profitable Services Business in Any Industry
by James A. Alexander

Finding new, profitable streams of revenue is one of the prime objectives of almost every executive on the planet. But the choices are few, the challenges big, and the results often mixed. Savvy business leaders in all kinds of industries are discovering that selling services cannot only deliver new, profitable growth, but can simultaneously sell more products. Is it simple? No. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely!

Companies that are successful at selling services receive 25% to 55% of their total revenue from services at profit margins the same or better than product profit margins. Furthermore, these organizations are able to grow their services revenue 25% faster, at margins twice as high, as their competitors.

Seriously Selling Services offers research-based, field-proven core and best practices, lessons learned, and benchmarks for successfully selling services. Alexander, a world-renown researcher, speaker, consultant, and best-selling author on the subject of services, brings to light the misconceptions that can stop serious initiatives before they get started and offers fresh insights on how to succeed in this lucrative and worthwhile endeavor. Regardless of the industry you’re in, it’s time to seriously sell services!
"Alexander provides an unmatched, practical road map for senior executives who are ready to execute a serious services strategy."

— R. Gary Bridge, Senior Vice President anda Global Lead,
Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.

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